Virtual Fireplaces Solutions

Offices and Boardrooms - place anywhere for soft sell atmosphere.

Senior Citizen Homes and Public Senior Locations - seniors safety factor and peaceful atmosphere

Small Apartments - select appropriate size and convenient location.

Public Libraries and Book Stores -- where tranquility and quietness is desired.

Restaurants and Lounges - decreased liabilities and increased ambiance can coexist.

Hotel Lobbies - fire can play 24 hours per day 365 days of the year without hassle, and without employee monitoring and maintenance.

Hotel Suites - upscale hotel and penthouse applications, Jacuzzi rooms

Ski Lodges - in strategic locations where wood is unavailable & fuel is expensive.

Hospital Lounges and Reading Rooms - where peace and rest are prime concerns.

Dental and Medical - reception areas, stress reduction.

Bed and Breakfast Homes across North America - cozy atmosphere, morning, noon, and night -- in both warm and cold climates


Antique Fireplace Facades in Antique Stores - to promote sales of antique mantels.

Store Window Displays, during festive seasons.

Fireside Store Windows on Main Street America - continuous dramatic dusk to dawn full motion advertising -- without fire regulation and insurance restrictions.

Combined Fireplace and Entertainment Center - games and entertainment for play time// fireplace for family relaxation.

Portable Units - movable internally and externally from location to location.


Upscale Furniture Store Displays - enhance ambiance and cozy, homey atmosphere.

Retrofitted into history homes and classy tourist and housing displays.

Retrofit old facades - supporting structures are fragile and cannot tolerate heat.

Insert below outdated and unsafe chimney flues - where heat tolerance is low.

Insert onto walls that back off into closets or cupboards - without restriction.